Yamaha YDP161 Digital Piano Review

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Yamaha have newly released the all-new Arius variety of digital pianos. Building on the victory of the YDP140 and YDP160, Yamaha have decided to extend the Arius variety to include three models, the YDP141, YDP161 and the YDP181. These are not obtainable in the UK as yet, but are being launched fully at the Musikmesse expo in Frankfurt in a week, so we’re sure seller will have stock soon after.

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The Arius YDP140 represent exceptional value for money and the word on the street is that Yamaha will ensure the YDP141 is also superior value for money. In reality there is a rumour that the YDP141 is of improved quality than the Clavinova CLP 320. We’ll have to wait to pass judgment on that, but on paper it does gaze very nice and offers beginners and the more skilled players a lot for the money, if it is pricing likewise to the YDP140.

Yamaha YDP161 Digital Piano Features

  • 88-key GH weighted action keyboard
  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM piano
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Features Flash-ROM song storage and 2-track recorder
  • Polished gold-colored Damper, Soft and Sostenuto pedals
  • Richer piano sustain tones with Damper Resonance

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There is a gradual improvement of features as you go up the variety so the Yamaha Arius YDP141 has AVM level 1 stereo sampling for the piano sounds where as the YDP181 has AVM level 3 stereo sampling. Also as you go up the variety there are more sounds integrated and the speaker’s wattage increases as well. Pedals are all the same on each model and have damper with half pedal consequence, Sostenuto and Soft to allow for full expression.

You’ll also find that the keyboard comprise a very handy feature allowing players to alter the sensitivity between hard, medium, soft and fixed. This is an immense feature as most players will play in a diverse way. The keyboard improves from Graded Hammer Standard up to Graded Hammer. All in all the Arius variety is aimed the home piano market and are reasonably priced with some lovely features and sounds.

Yamaha YDP161 Review

I love music and am ardent about sharing my knowledge. I have played musical instruments from the age of 8, I have sung in my youth and I have surely spent a fortune on vinyl records over the years to feed my wish to DJ, which I have been fortunate enough to do in quite a few countries. I embrace technology and this has seen me move more into music manufacture and sound engineering over the last 6 years. So all in all I’m fairly a well rounded music geek/lover, and all round obliging guy. Click here to read more reviews.

The Yamaha YDP-161 digital piano is the next generation of the well-liked YDP-160. This digital piano is known for outstanding value for the price. The more notes you play the more polyphony is necessary. 64 are already plenty. A few of the features are: 10 diverse sounds, 10 demo songs and 50 preset songs, metronome, AWM stereo sampling, 2 headphone jacks and 3 pedals. The sound of Arius YDP-161 is that of a grand piano. A concert grand was tediously recorded and is the sound you hear in Arius digital pianos.

The feel of the keys are also what you would expect on a grand piano which is called graded hammer action weighted. An added advantage does not have to hire piano movers to move your digital piano and money saved in piano tunings. If you have any further query regarding the Yamaha Arius YDP-161 digital piano or any other digital piano, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have friendly obliging staff that are willing to help. Click here to SAVE $499 for a limited time only!

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Customer Reviews

Prakash July 2nd, 2012 (#)

I’ve been playing piano for over ten years and this is the first digital piano I’ve bought, and so far it lives up to expectations. The main bonus to this piano is that it is an excellent piano for its price, you will be hard pressed to find a much better one for cheaper at the moment. (I was researching other pianos for a while) Being digital it is of course, also much smaller than the real thing and much easier to place within a room, the sound is fairly good and headphone jacks allow me to play late at night without irritating my housemates. However,having played an actual piano for the most part of my life there are several things I dislike about this piano; First the damper(sustain) pedal doesn’t work very well. It’s good enough for practice but I wouldn’t play for people with it. My second major problem is with the sound, it works fine and technically I can’t really fault it, but it doesn’t have soul. Slightly pretentious description but there is a slight deadness to all the notes if you compare them to a real piano All in all, If you’re looking for a good quality, cheap piano to practice on this is definitely a good bet; it will last. Still, in my opinion, nothing beats the real thing

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