Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano Review

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Beautiful music begins with the Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano. It is a great musical instrument that is ideal for both beginners and maestros alike. It has the true piano sound and actually feels like the grand piano itself. It is quite fairly priced too considering the manufacturer has thrown in a piano bench at no extra cost. So you can start making beautiful music as soon as your order of this piano arrives in your home.

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Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano Features

One of the things that you will appreciate with this Yamaha digital piano is the 88 keys graded hammer effect which gives you a natural feel as much as possible. This is one of the ways your playing pleasure is increased and this is both when you are practicing and when you are on a live performance session. The lower notes can take a heavier touch while the higher notes are sensitive enough to a lighter touch. This is in tune with the Yamaha quality evident in all its keyboards.

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This Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano is the ideal beginner piano thanks to the 50 preset piano songs and the included song book. The songs are carefully selected and are beautiful to listen to. At the same time as a beginner you can refer to them as part of your training manual. Since they are great piano sounds, you can strive to match them and increase your skill. For the more experienced player, these are great sounds to listen to as you unwind.

You can play a total of 6 different voices on the YDP141 digital piano. These include the Grand Piano, Vibraphone, Electric Piano, Harpsichord and Church organ. This increases the value of this great instrument which is also loaded with convenient functions and features such as headphone jacks. You can also record your music and play it back which is very helpful if you have some difficult pieces to practice. There is never any need for tuning or such kind of maintenance with the YDP141. This is a great relief and a wonderful advantage over the acoustic piano.

Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano Review

You will find 7 Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano customer reviews on amazon.com. Two of these are 5-star and the other 5 are 4-star rating. Customers love this amazing musical instrument for its simplicity and quality of sound. Almost all are thrilled that it costs what it does and offers so much more in quality. The fact that you can use headphones to play discreetly is an added plus to this piano. It also came highly recommended for one customer whose piano teacher thought it to be a good brand. Click here to read these reviews.

There are no negative reviews on this one which is a great boost of confidence for the product. The users of this Yamaha Digital Piano range from beginners to experts and all had wonderful things to say about it.

Great value for money is what you get with the Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano. The sound quality is unmatched and the added features only add to the value. It is a musical instrument that every home should have. Click here to save $349 on the Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano for a limited time only!

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