Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano Review

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It is now possible to enjoy concert quality music in your home with the Yamaha P-85 Digital Piano. This piano is available at amazon.com at a discounted price and it features 88 keys with an improved multi strike piano sample. This is the start of making beautiful music and the recording facility gives you the opportunity to keep a record of your progress and your work in general. It is simple enough to use so an amateur can use it to practice yet it has professional qualities too.

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Yamaha P-85 Digital Piano Features

You will realize that this is the best quality piano in the market simply by the fact that it has acoustic quality touch response. At the strike of a key you get the sound quality you desire. The slim design of the Yamaha P-85 is sleek and the best thing is that it blends in well with any room décor. This is very important since your keyboard must never stand out as a sore thumb.

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The Yamaha P-85 digital piano has a built-in amplifier and speakers. This is one way of improving sound quality that the manufacturer added for your listening pleasure. There is also a MIDI input/output headphone jack so that you can practice in silence. This is a feature that is exceptionally important when you play at home since you will not disturb other people in the home and you do not have to postpone your practice session to when there are no people in the house. And the sound quality is not compromised with the use of headphones.

This wonderful Yamaha P-85 piano is compatible with so many useful accessories and it is therefore easy to personalize it. There is an option to use a sustain foot pedal which improves the sound quality and gives you greater control over your sound. A stand is also optional with this model and if you choose to use one, it is compatible with either an X or Z-stand which can be adjusted to your preference.

Yamaha P-85 Digital Piano Review

Doubtlessly, there are rave reviews on amazon.com on Yamaha P-85 digital piano. Of the 31 customers reviews available, 23 give the highest rating of 5-star. What most customers like about this model is the sound quality that is not compromised even with the use of headphones. The compatibility of the piano is also an area that is very popular with most of the customers. Most of them have added the accessories that result in better sound quality such as foot pedals and even stands. Click here to read more reviews.

One great advantage with this Yamaha contemporary piano is that it can be customized to suit your individual needs and there are no limits to what it is capable of. If you desire better sound quality, you can add external speakers especially when you use it on stage and also a foot pedal will increase the sound control.

A good music player will agree that the Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano is the best deal yet in its class. It is the best deal yet for digital pianos. Click here to save $469 for a limited time only!

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